Express your curb


Basic Curb numbers

includes custom font and border

Your choice of two colors.  Numbers are are best done in black or white on high contrast background.   


Standard - C  leaf.jpg

Simple one color

simple one color design border can be included

Simple one color design with limited details can be added to your choice of custom font.  Border included.



TX Flag

Local favorite

A local favorite.  Shown with border.  Driveway have two curbs?  Discount for two ($75).

$50 w/border    $45 without


Custom - simple cut, up to four colors

Includes most teams and simple logos

Customize your favorite sports team, fandom, cause, hobby, mascot, etc.  Up to four colors.  I can custom create a stencil for your.  Send me a pic and we will design together.

Starting at $50


Ombre backgrounds

Choice of colors to fade... sunrises to sunsets or team colors

This technique can be used alone with numbers as an upgrade or with graphics as part of the design.


Custom - layered design

create personal design...

Designs with multiple layers require more time and multiple curb visits, but we love the effects!  These would include complex logos, wording or multiple layers.  All details are touched up by hand.  Price will depend on design complexity.

Starting at $60


Original Hand Painted Art

Help create the vision

Original custom art painted by hand.  These are one of a kind.  No two identical.  Limited to artist's fanciful and creative style.

Starting at $70


Multi layer custom stencil

Most clipart can be made into a stencil

There are few limits to creativity.  If we can find the art, it can be done.

Prices vary based on layers


Customize Font

Custom font to character of your curb!

included with price of curb



Make your curb unique to you favorites!

Each stencil is custom cut bringing you a unique curb design

Starting at $50


Your message

Advertise your business on the curb

Will work to bring your logo to life for a custom curb marking you as a destination.