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Your Local Curb Artist

Serving The Colony, TX (and within 20 miles)

Tracey Mostyn


Hi!  I'm Tracey and I am your local curb artist.   This is a part-time business for me, a hobby and a passion!  I treat each curb as a work of art which sets me apart from the standard curb guys.  

I love communicating with my clients to bring their passions to the curb whether it be love of country, state, sports, pets or more!  Together we will design your curb and you will know what to expect for your address personification.  

I love art.  I love design.  And I love bringing it to the curb.

I have been a resident of The Colony for over 30 years where I raised my family.  This is home base for me, but I am willing to host a curb weekend for your neighborhood within 20 miles.  Check with your friends, neighbors or post on Next Door.  We can make it happen!

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