What everyone is asking...

Are you only open on weekends?

Yes.  Curb It - TC is a hobby business for me.   I do have a regular full-time job.  I will answer emails and all questions in a timely manner, but design work is limited to evenings and painting to weekends.

Do I have to be home when curb work is being done?

No.  Feel free to go about your weekend.  Please be sure vehicles are at least three feet away from your curb address.   I will be making multiple visits depending on your design.  An orange cone will be left to note work is in process.  Final touch ups normally occur on Sunday.  You will be notified when complete.

How long will my address last?

Typically it will remain visible about three years under normal weather conditions and barring frequent curb checks.

How do I book an appointment?

Submit an inquiry, email or text.   You can also visit my FB page www.facebook.com/localcurbartist/ where I manage my calendar.   Please note that I am usually booking about two weeks out.